Link between Companies and Investors

To get the Company valuation

To the right level

What I Do

I help companies to understand better how investors  see and analyse  companies.  Also how the management should present the company to investors in order to get the company share price, closer to its true value

Investment Story

Every company should have an investment story; why a company is so special that an investor should buy the shares, or why a competitor should acquire the whole company.

Focus on Essentials

Investors are keen on understanding what makes you special, for them there are many potential companies to invest in.  Do you have competitive edge, a sustain one?

Be Honest

But stay true, because investors will eventually find out if you are trying to be too optimistic.  I can help You to define main points that are genuinely true and relevant to potential investors 

Why Corvus Consulting

With a over 20-year experience as an Institutional Investor, I know on what issues investors put most focus when making decisions. With Corvus you get fast analysis of your current investment story and possible improvement proposals.

I have a passion to listen companies investment stories. When can I hear your story?